Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 10, 2007 Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning, April 10, 2007

First of all, happy birthday to my oldest child Christine in Binghamton, New

York. I hope that she has at least 43 more years. Her grandmother was in
her 90s when she passed away so it is possible. Of course there is that
occaisional truck. Having been the Coroner for many years I know how much
life is fleeting and death is always sudden. Live every day like it is the
last and you will not have any regrets. Now if I could only do that.
Several of you have asked about the bugs here. I have not seen many. House

flies are prevalent but I have not seen many mosquitoes. Tony sat down in
an ant colony on Sunday and suffered a bunch of bites. His hand was swollen

last night at dinner. Dinner last night was refried beans, homemade corn
tortillas and scrambled eggs with onion and pepper. Remember dinner (cena)
is the smallest meal of the day. We ate around 8 pm. When I was in Mexico
for two months a couple of years ago the host family would have cena at 10
pm and then stay up until way past midnight. This family has four boys
under 9 who have to be in school at 7:30 am. School goes to 1 pm with no
lunch. I was telling Estella about the farm subsidies in the United States
and how the government will give the food they buy to keep the prices up to
schools for school lunches. She thought that was a great idea. Estella is
working on a project to protest to the government about providing 12 years
of free public school in all areas. There are large signs in the market
place asking people to meet at the docks to ride the boat to Panajachel to
join people there to protest to the President. By the way the people here
really hate George Bush. They also hate their own president who is said to
be close personal friends with Bush. Imagine that. Felipe was up on the
roof last night draining the rain water off before it came into the
building. One of the windows in the large room has had water seeping
through the frame and onto the floor. I am still considering moving to a
hotel. I am too old for this roughing it stuff. The average age of the
average student here is about 22. They never wear shoes. They wear the
same shirt and shorts every day. Their entire life fits into one medium
backpack. I think I was 22 in 1964. I had been married for three years and

had a young family. I would imagine that none of them were alive then. By
the way. We did not get any of that snow you had down here. I kept hearing

about it on the Internet but none showed up. The road conditions here were
dry, dusty and narrow. We did get a nice rain late in the day but I hardly
noticed. Take care. g

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