Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007 Wednesday Night

Wednesday night April 11, 2007

Kind of hot and sticky here tonight. Had dinner with a young man from
Calgary who is house-sitting for the owner of the School Ramon. He has a
very large and beautiful home across the path from the school. The fellow
from Calgary was a computer programmer in Calgary before he dropped out.
Very interesting guy. He has literally traveled all over the world on
little or no money. He is here in San Pedro for six months and then does
not know where he is going. Tony announced tonight that he is going to El
Salvador on Saturday. Then parts south into Panama and beyond. He has to
be back in Australia in July to start teaching again. Will be quiet around
here without him. The young boys will really miss the daily soccer matches.

When Estella and I were cleaning up at 5 tonight an older gentleman came by
to talk. He is from College Station, Texas and is down here to get some
cheap dental work done. He is a pecan farmer and has all Mexican workers.
Of course he spoke fluent Spanish. He is in his 70s and already hooked up
with a woman who is letting him stay in her house. He met her on the launch

coming over from Panajachel. This morning we had the usual fruit plate with

yogurt for breakfast. Sometimes Rosa will put granola on it. I can't eat
granola but I do to be polite. Has not bothered me so maybe my allergy to
gluten has gone away. Rosa this morning put some brown seeds on it and then

could not tell me the name of the seeds. I asked to see the package and she

did not have that either. All she said was that it was good for me. Time
will tell. Rosa has a 16 year old daughter that we have never met. I
found out today that she is getting married in a hurry soon. Too bad. Too
young. For lunch we all ate together for the first time in 9 days. All
four boys, Lena, Rosa and Felipe with Tony and I. We had hamburgers and
french fries. Not what I remembered but they were good. For dinner we had
two fried eggs, fried bananas and tortillas with salsa. Nice combination.
A little something for everyone. If Elvis had dropped by we would have
needed some peanut butter for the bananas. I had to explain that one to
Tony. He was born in 1985 and probably never heard of Elvis. I am getting
an A in grammar, an A in vocabulary and a C in conversation. I can read and

understand spoken Spanish. My issue always has been speaking Spanish. I
have two and a half weeks to correct that part. Someone asked me today
about the women on the beach. The Guatemalan women wear one piece bathing
suits and then put a shirt and pants on over that. American and European
women wear a one piece suit too. Usually the bottoms. Sometimes not. You
could be a mile away and tell the country of origin of the women on the
beach. Huge difference in cultures. As of right now I think that I am
going to stay where I am. I checked the local hotels and they are nice and
clean with TV but they seemed to be very lonely. Not sure I want that. I
would miss being awakened several times a night by the drunks on the path.
Time will tell. Maybe the last week to get ready to get back to the real
world. I have many more photos from the past couple of days. No. None of
the beach. Manana g

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