Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 12, 2007 Thursday Morning

Thursday morning, April 12, 2007, 6:30 am

I send e mails a couple of times a day if I can find an Internet connection.

I write them several times a day and then just keep them on my laptop until
I get connected. I am sorry if I confuse you with what I am writing and
your perception of what I am doing and where I am. I will try to remember
to put the time I am writing in the subject line. When I write about early
in the morning and then send it late that night it does not make sense.

I go to bed every night at around 9 pm and get up every morning at 4 am. I
have done that for years. I am a true morning person and feel that I do my
best thinking and work before the rest of the world gets out of bed. This
morning I was in bed trying to remember where I was and why I was here.
Strange feeling. Then a bird out of my window began to sing the most
beautiful song. I had never heard that bird before and it was fascinating.
Then I was able to hear, off in the distance, another bird answering the
call with the same song. Amazing.

I have noticed that there are a lot of Monarch butterflies here. Several
years ago my sister Janet was involved in a project in Iowa to tag Monarch
butterflies to check their migration patterns. I aways imagined those
relatively big tags that they put on the feet of larger birds. I know that
her tags were smaller.

You have two choices. You can sit on the couch and rot with the tv remote
control in your hand or you can get out and about and do something. I have
always been a do something kind of guy. I had a couple of weeks from the
time I got back to Breckenridge from Texas and leaving for Guatemala. That
was a remote control kind of time. I actually could tell that my mind and
body were slowing down. I am always reminded of the men and women who
retire after a long and hard career only to sit around the house and die a
young death. Then I remember the people who I see here in Guatemala who
have decided to risk something and let go of the remote control and get out
into the world and do something.

Last night at dinner I was listening to Tony and the fellow from Calgary
talk about their travels. Neither will ever have any regrets. Tony told a

story about hitchhiking from Oklahoma City to Dallas. He got a ride from a
driver going to El Paso. Tony figured "why not?" and ended up spending a
couple of weeks in El Paso. How is that for being spontaneous? He was
suppose to be in Dallas to pick up some money that his brother had wired him

so he still had to go there. It just took a week longer. The fellow from
Calgary had been in Denver many times but had never stopped. He just passed

through because it was not where he was going at the time. Both men live
off of opportunity or the fruits of the land. One of the reasons Tony came
to San Pedro Spanish School was because of cheap housing and food, not to
learn Spanish.

Believe it or not tomorrow marks my halfway point in San Pedro. I know that

I have learned a lot and know that I have a lot more to do before I leave in

two weeks. g

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