Friday, April 13, 2007

April 12, 2007 Thursday

Thursday BLOG April 12, 2007 5:56 pm

Had a good day. Fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Tony got Corn Flakes.
Rosa does not understand that corn does not have wheat in it. Oh well.
Lunch was chicken and rice with corn tortillas, corn tortilla rolls and
avocado. Very tasty as usual. School went well. The weather was ideal all

day. Estella and I have a hut fairly close to the beach but there are two
closer. I think those students must pay more for beachfront property. Had
a few e mails about the new storm coming into Colorado. It was in
Georgetown a few minutes ago. I stuck my head out of the hut and did not
see any snow here. I will let you know if it happens. Actually CNN will
let you know when it snows in Guatemala. Went to the store for an afternoon

Snickers bar and they did not have any. My request got a good laugh. I
ended up with some mints. Not the same as a Snickers bar. The town has
really settled down after Holy Week. You can actually walk the paths
without running into anyone. Much like Summit County after the ski areas
close. I never go to Safeway or City Market during the day when the ski
areas are open. I am one of those people who walk around in the store
around 10 pm. Same with Wal Mart although Wal Mart is almost never quiet.
I asked Rosa if there was a large grocery store in San Pedro. She told me
there was but then admonished me about shopping there. Must be a support
your local small store campaign. It was the same in San Miguel. San Miguel

had a huge grocery store but the locals would always shop in the corner
store to support their friends who ran the store. Could that ever happen
in Colorado? In a word, NO. Anyway I might put on my Lone Ranger mask and
go to the big store some day and hope that none of my Guatemalan amigos and
amigas see me. Another thing is that gas is exactly the same here as in
Summit County. Funny how that works. I read the daily paper Prensa Libre
from Guatemala City and they are always campaigning against the oil
companies and their monopoly. I asked someone the other day where the
expensive houses were in San Pedro and was told they were all owned by drug
dealers and they were high in the mountains. They also pointed out all the
nice properties here in town that are owned by the same drug dealers.
Probably a lot of Summit County dollars in those businesses. Part of the
culture. Part of the economy. Part of the greed of man. g

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