Friday, April 13, 2007

April 13, 2007 Friday Night

Friday Night at 6:35 pm in Guatemala

Had a fruit plate with yogurt for breakfast and omelet for lunch and do not
know what is in store for dinner. Very nice day here with warm temperatures
and overcast skies. So very nice. The average daytime high is 75 and the
average overnight low is 65. Very tolerable. I sleep with a light blanket
and that works for me. Estella took me on a walking tour of the area around
San Pedro this afternoon. We walked along the shore of the lake and saw
large onion fields, coffee plantations, banana plantations, flower fields
and corn fields. In the movie, Maria, Full of Grace, they depicted the
flower industry in Columbia where huge numbers of flowers were grown,
picked, boxed and flown to the United States. I would imagine that it is
the same here. I did not seen any marijuana fields but I am sure they are
there according to Estella. I saw the elementary school that Estella's
children attend from 7 am to 1 pm every day. Very large and a fairly new
building. I found out that people from Germany actually subsidize the Mayan
education program. Not sure what I will be doing this weekend yet. I have
thought about taking the shuttle to Antigua to see the original capitol of
Guatemala. It was destroyed in an earthquake in the 1800s and was moved to
Guatemala City. Another shorter trip is to Santiago, another small village
about 30 minutes by launch from San Pedro. I think that I mentioned before
that the local bars all show movies every night. The Buddha is showing a
Friday the 13th Trilogy. I will pass on that one. Another bar close by is
showing a documentary on Haiti. Probably in French. That might be
interesting. They are all free for just buying drinks or food or both. A
few people have asked what I wear. I wear shorts, sandals and a t shirt
sometimes but I also wear my jeans, cowboy boots and a long sleeve shirt.
The locals all dress modestly and would never wear a short sleeve shirt or
shorts. Some wear regular shoes and some wear sandals. Most of the women
wear traditional dress that actually looks the same on everyone. A blouse
with a very long skirt with sandals. Now for the kicker. All of the
Americans, Europeans and Australians wear shorts, tank tops and no shoes all

the time. It is amazing to me how they do that. Men and women alike. The
young men and young women dress like it is still 1969. I think they feel
bad that they missed that era. Lots of dread locks. I would have third
degree burns and huge blisters and cuts on my feet. The streets are filthy
but they still do not wear shoes. I think that part of it might be telling
their friends back home that this place is so laid back that they don't wear

later g

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