Saturday, April 14, 2007

April 14, 2007 Saturday Night

Saturday at 3:29 pm in Guatemala

Kind of warm today. Took a very long walk along the beach for a couple of
miles early this morning. Lots of family laundry being done. I find it
funny that women here wear very long dresses and always dress up but when
they are two feet into the water all their clothes come off to be washed.
It is very practical because all of their clothes are being washed. Several
old jokes come to mind about the Laundromat in the college town where all of
the students take off all their clothes to wash them. I went to the
dedication of the new football (soccer) field on the east side of town near
the Santiago dock. It has been a field for a long time but it was just a
pickup game arrangement. Now they have real goals and even have four
basketball hoops. I asked earlier if women play soccer and they don't but
they are now playing basketball. Poco y poco. Little by little. The neat
thing was to see the hope in the eyes of the children who were looking
forward to playing on the new field. They played the national anthem twice
and then did another thing when the flag came on the field and then left.
Very much like the United States. When I was growing up in Iowa the premier
sport was women's basketball. Men's basketball was nothing in comparison.
I shopped today for a couple of things I want. A knitted bag with
"Guatemala" knitted into it and some men's leather sandals. I found
neither. The bags I found were very feminine and they literally do not make
sandals for men. Tony had even tried to buy some "flip flops" and could
not. Any Dollar General in the United States has hundreds of them. I
started taking pictures of the flowers today. I downloaded them into my
computer and they did not look the same. My camera is very light sensitive
and if what I am shooting is not in direct sunlight it looks strange. There
was a political rally across the street this morning. They take their
politics seriously. They won't remove a politician in an election they
either assassinate them or start a revolution. The newspapers here are full
of stories about assassinations. One party is the Partido (political) party
and the other party is the Mano Duro (strong hand) party. Lots of posters
and signs on walls. Reminded me of the old cartoons in Mad Magazine about
Spy vs. Spy. I think that I mentioned the movies that the bars play every
night. Last night there was a docu-drama on Haiti, a Friday the 13th
Trilogy, The movie, "23", "The Shooter" with Mark Wahlburg that I just saw
two weeks ago in the theater in Colorado. The shooter is a great movie.
Many truths in that one. Tonight they are having the Rocky
Horror Picture Show, another Friday the 13th film, The Lives of Others,
great spy movie about East Germany. Amy and I saw it in Texas. And "The
Lewbowski" a great Coen brothers film. They did Fargo and Oh Brother and
other great comedies. Don't know if I will go. Always past my bedtime.
Tomorrow will be another adventure when I have to search out and eat three
meals that Rosa will not be fixing as she does not have to fix meals on
Sunday. Let's hear it for Rosa. Let's hear it for women's liberation in
the kitchen from having to fix meals for the ugly American and the ugly
Australian. g

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