Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 16, 2007 Monday Evening

Monday April 16, 2007 at 6:00 PM.

The most remarkable thing about today was the weather. It was perfect.
About 70 degrees and sunny. No rain. No wind. Just very nice. Had fruit
and yogurt for breakfast. That will probably never change. Rice and
chicken for lunch (a tail and a back, imagine that) and do not know yet what

dinner will bring. Got a massage at noon from a woman down the path. She
is a Guatemalan and graduated with a degree in aromatherapy. Just my kind
of massage therapist. Her name is Ada and she lives in a shack with a
German fellow. She is very good and has given me some good advice on how to

take better care of myself. For those of you who are into massage, in
Colorado it costs $100 an hour. Here it is $20 an hour for the same thing.
Very economical. Other than that I did not venture out except to go to
class. Estella and I conjugated verbs all day. So much fun. So necessary
but tedious. Tony escaped to parts unknown. He last told me that he was
going to El Salvador and then Panama. Estella told me that he was heading
toward Guatemala City and the airport. There is only one airport in the
entire country so your guess is as good as mine. I have his e mail address
so I can ask him in a couple of days. He was a good guy. A young woman
student from Japan joined us for lunch today. She takes her daughter to
class every day. It is interesting because she does not speak English and I

do not speak Japanese. We have no choice but to speak Spanish. Good for
both of us. Today was the first day of my third week and I feel very good
about my progress. I sometimes have second thoughts and then get thrown
into a situation where I must speak Spanish and I do very well. Always hard

to gauge. I was so disappointed after spending two months in Mexico a
couple of years ago that I really wanted this to work. I think it has by
leaps and bounds. One thing that happens is that you start dreaming in
Spanish and then start thinking in Spanish. As I write this I have to
translate my thoughts from Spanish to English. I am serious. It is almost
funny. I will be 65 in two weeks so it is never too late. g

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