Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17, 2007

April 17, 2007 at 7:52 pm in Guatemala

I heard from my webmaster Rick Warren ,who is now living in London, the
reason that gary@garylindstrom.com is not working anymore. Apparently the
payment was due and they notified me at the only other e mail address they
had which was my Earthlink account from two years ago. They also only had a

credit card that I had cancelled a year ago. Hey they had lost me on two
fronts. I contacted their customer service and gave them the new
information on both fronts so maybe I can have my domain back again. I have

over 26,000 e mail addresses that probably would only reference that address

for me. Why do I have 26,000 e mail addresses? Well at one point each one
was probably one vote. I only needed 65, 000 votes to win. Or I could say
that now that I will be 65 in two weeks maybe it is time to pack in my
domain. Naw. Everyone should have at least one domain right?

Today in San Pedro was almost too Idyllic. I had a hard time concentrating.

Imagine trying to study when you are under a palm hut on a beach in the
middle of nowhere and the breeze across the lake was the right temperature
and the right speed. Poor Estella. She really hit me hard with sentence
construction and verbs this morning and my mind was somewhere else. She is
such a dear. This afternoon we turned to our usual conversation about
family. Her father in law left his wife of many years recently for an 18
year old girl. You could see the fire in Estella's eyes as she told that
story. Estella is around 35 years old. When Estella tells me to do
something I always respond with "Si Madre," "Yes mom."

Estella has arranged for the local public health nurse to come to the school

tomorrow to immunize all of the teachers. What a nice thing to do. My
daughter Amy does the same thing in San Antonio for the Public Health Office


Tony moved out yesterday for points unknown. I now have a 29 year old woman

from Japan (Ahi) and her 3 year old daughter as housemates. She speaks
Japanese and some Spanish and some English. Her daughter was up all night
coughing and today the mom got very sick. Felipe said it was because she
ate banana bread from the street vendor. He said that several people in the

office had the same problem. Felipe just knocked on my door with an arm
full of over the counter drugs. He asked me about each one and if he should

give them to the child and the mom. I guess he did not realize that my
Master's degree is in human communications and not medicine. I am not a
doctor but I do play one on TV. Anyway I read the labels and they were cold

remedies. I told him the dosage for each and he left. By the way the
labels were in German. I was able to read them but Imagine a 65 year old
English speaking man in a jungle in southern Guatemala studying Spanish with

a degree in communications reading a label in German for a native Spanish
speaking Guatemalan soccer referee. Sounds like a film that would do well
at Sundance.

I saw a book recently in a book store in Boulder and its title was "5001
Spanish Verbs." I think that I covered most of them today. Buenos noche.

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