Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18, 2007

April 18, 2007 at 6:11 pm in Guatemala

Another uneventful day in Guatemala. Verbs and more verbs. I think that I
have it down to a system now for regular verbs and I will start on the
irregular verbs soon. Estella had her "injection" this afternoon in the
office. At the teacher's meeting this week they announced that they will be
setting up another school in San Marcos another town on the lake. The towns
on the lake are named after the apostles. Santiago. San Lucas. San James
and so on. That sounded very plausible until I found out that there are two
towns San Pablo and Santa Clara on the Lake. Paul and Clara were not
Apostles. Maybe they have a different rendition of the bible than I have.
San Marcos has their Celebration and Fiesta all next week. San Pedro does
theirs in June. Guess I will miss that one. Tony rented a kayak last
Sunday and paddled to San Marcos in about 15 minutes. It would be about an
hour on foot. On the road not across the water. Only one guy could do
that. Peter did it for a while until he lost faith and sunk. Estella went
to the bank to deposit her paycheck. She makes about $1 a day. So consider
that all you slackers who are upset you are only making $50,000 a year. And
Estella smiled all the way to the bank. She knows how important that is to
her family. Last night there was a large demonstration in El Centro to
celebrate the revolution that ended eleven years ago. I was told that they
had dug up three bodies and had them on display because they were buried
without being identified. How terrible. Felipe my landlord fought in that
war and was held prisoner for some time and finally escaped. Apparently his
brother was never found. I asked him about the demonstration and he said it
was very small. Estella was there and she said it was huge and rowdy and
Felipe was in the middle of it all. I guess he did not want to talk to me
about it. My Japanese lady housemate was up and around this afternoon.
She does not talk to me much but is very talkative with Rosa and Felipe.
Not sure what that is about. There were two Polish women students who had
been here for five weeks who left today. Lots of hugs and tears. They were
very fun loving. Remember wet Monday? The film "A day without Mexicans"
is playing tonight and I might go to that. It is a docudrama about how the
United States would be without our Mexican workers. Regardless of how you
feel this country could not function without our Mexican workers. They are
critical to keeping this place going every day. I get 5 to 10 very racists
anti-Mexican e mails a day from people who don't know any better. I know
that when my grandparents came here from Ireland and Sweden they were not
accepted either. Racism is racism regardless. We need to deal with the
problem and not try to get rid of it. That is not dealing with it. It is
not something that we should joke about either. We are talking about the
lives of human beings regardless of where they came from or how they got
here. That is my rant for the day. Can't even talk about the weather.
Perfect is perfect regardless. When the temperature is 70 degrees day and
night and it never rains not much you can say. Raphael the Gardner has been
going around watering down the paths and the lawn furniture to get the
layers of dust off. Don't see that he is getting ahead much. The shootings
in Virginia were not on the news much here. I get CNN and the Denver
Channels on the internet so I watched it most of yesterday. Terrible thing.
Not sure what else could have been done. The school repeatedly notified the
police about this guy but the police could not do anything unless he
followed up with what he was talking about. Something about living in a
free society. Time will tell what should have been done but from where I
am, which is far, far away, it looks like it was handled well. Update. I
did go see the movie and it was excellent. Even if you don't agree with the

premise it is a funny movie nonetheless. An observation as I was walking
home along the path. The greatest group of people down here are not
Americans. If I had to guess I would say it was the Germans followed by the

English then the Australians and a ton of others from the Scandinavian
counties. A truly universal community and they all are trying to speak
Spanish and they all love it here. Can't beat that I guess. Off to bed.

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