Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19, 2007

April 19, 2007 at 6:19 pm in Guatemala

I just walked the length and breadth of the town to check what the movies
are tonight. D'Noz has "Bobby." Amadeus has three movies. At 6 pm is
"Sevens" and at 8 pm is "Apocalypto" and at 10 is "Premonition" all first
run movies in your local theater back home. The Buddha is having a pool
tournament. Never heard of that movie. Oh, maybe they are having a pool
tournament. The Gallo is playing "I walk the Line." I will pass on all of
them. Don Brown from Estherville, Iowa who is currently in Amsterdam
suggested I get a copy of "Apocalypto" and show it here as this is the
center of the Mayan culture. The movie is about the end of the Mayan
culture by the Spanish. I guess I could stand outside the theater and do an

exit poll. Doubt if many locals would attend. It would be much like a film

about how ski areas are bringing about the end of the world and showing it
in Breckenridge. We still have not had rain and things are very dry. There

was rain up on the volcano this afternoon but nothing down here at the lake.

Everything is still green but the dust is dustier. The children's school
here had a doctor come in this afternoon for a presentation. I checked and
there are three medical schools in Guatemala. That is great. Estella has
said that the doctors in the local clinic are all from Spain. Interesting.
A week from tomorrow will be my last day in school. I fly out on Monday
morning at 6:45 am from Guatemala City and will be back in Denver around 1
pm. Even though this has been very nice it will be good to be back in
Colorado. Just don't let it snow for me. My Japanese housemate is feeling
a lot better. Her daughter is being very ornery so I guess she is doing
well also. Her daughter May is three and is now speaking several words in
Spanish. She was born and raised in Japan so she only speaks Japanese for
the most part. Felipe has a futbol (soccer) match tonight so he will be off

doing that. g

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