Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007

Tuesday afternoon at 1:54 pm in Guatemala

My computer continues to recover but still will die a sudden death in the
middle of a thought or a word. Then to top it off all day today the
internet service for San Pedro has been spotty at best.

Just met a fellow student, a doctor from the Bronx. I worked in the Bronx
for a couple of years in the 1960s in the Police Department. According to
him it has changed a lot. He has been here for five weeks and is doing

I am going to the Festival in San Marcos (St. Mark. Remember the Apostles?)
today by boat (launcha). It is one of the biggest town festivals in the
country and was featured in Prensa Libre (Free Press) on Sunday. Lots of
advertisements. This whole area is finally grasping the concepts in
marketing. That is the good news because it will make the community more
sustainable. The bad news is that the simple nature of the towns will
probably be lost. Not unlike the Summit County I first saw in 1970.

I tell people that the only street that was paved was Main Street and that
there were still wooden sidewalks for several years. Hard to imagine.

The lady from Breckenridge that I met bought her condo for $79,000 in 1990
and units near her are selling for over $300,000 today.

Maybe it is time to buy land in Guatemala. They will let foreigners own
property but if the family that sold it to you wants it back for their
family then you have to give it up. That will probably not last much

I probably doubled the size of this after I got back from San Marcos but my
computer shut down before I saved it. With Word you can do a setting that
will save every so many minutes. Can't find such a thing in Outlook

Rosa and Felipe have the patio set up for a garden reception or something.
It is now 7:14 pm and I was supposed to get dinner at 7 pm. Out of sight
out of mind. I should have brought my gun and started firing it when a meal
is late.

Oh well. I can always go down the street. A couple of nights ago I had a
delicious Snickers candy bar. How is that for being Guatemalan? The
wrapper said it expired two years ago but it tasted ok. Or at least I am
still alive.

San Marcos was interesting. Nice hotels and a very small town. Lots of new
age stuff going on there and a lot of hippies like San Pedro. It is nice
that they have recycled all of those large bell bottoms and hip huggers.
See a lot of tie dye too.

It cost 5 Quetzales to go over and 10 Quetzales to come back. Same boat.
Same distance. Same time. I asked why and they said that they charge less
for locals. Hmmmmm.

I keep coming up with these funny script ideas. This one is about a man
living with a family in Guatemala. The man pays rent that includes three
meals a day. He does not get any meals unless he makes a fuss. Tonight the

man walked in to the patio and the lady of the house looked at him like he
was a burglar and what would he be doing in here house. Then it came to her

that he lived there and she should have fixed him dinner 30 minutes ago.
Then she said it would be ready in five minutes. I will let you know what
it is. Not chicken parts I am sure. By the way in San Marcos they have
legs and thighs and breasts and wings. Must be some sort of Pollo protest
in San Pedro.

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