Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 25, 2007

Wednesday (Miercoles) April (Abril) 25, 2007 at 9:10 am in

I have a computer that is working for the time being and have some time
because Estella is at a funeral. By the way they still lay out the body in
the living room in the deceased's home.

I forget to add this to my last missal. Rosa gave me two hard fried eggs
and two very small slices of cheese for dinner (sena) last night. She was
too funny. She told me that I went to the movie at the Barrio (a bar) that

is why she did not fix dinner. I have never been in the Barrio. Had been
in my room all evening.

It is very cold here this morning. About 50 degrees and everyone is either
wearing a coat or a sweater. Totally overcast but there is no forecast for

I am so very ready to head home on Monday. I think that something clicked
in my brain over the past weekend and I stopped being in Guatemala and
started being in Colorado. I had a dream this morning that I could not find

my car in the parking lot at Safeway. No Safeway or parking lot here. By
the way I never found it so if you see it let me know. Either that or it is

still in my garage.

There is a rack of Snicker's bars next to the cash register at the Internet
store. With my computer problems I have gone there a lot. My waistline
will suffer.

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