Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26. 2007

April 26, 2007 Thursday at 6:54 pm in Guatemala

Another day down and one more school day to go. I am going to be 65 next
week. I must love going to school. We graduate at 10 am tomorrow but my
class day ends at 5 pm. I wonder what I will do. Douglas the surfer dude
and John the doctor from New York City will graduate with me. We each have
to give a speech in Spanish. I have already written it and am ready to go.
The power came back on at 4 pm and Wednesday's blog went out then. It is
like childbirth in many ways. The three days my computer was down and then
today make me very anxious. Must be addicted. Saw a parade today from the
elementary school to el Centro. Actually was in it for a while taking
pictures. Kids are kids and they are all wonderful. Did not see anyone
eating in Rancho de Rosa today except me. Wish the best for her. They have
signs out on the path and stand there calling for people to come in. I know
this because they stand right under my bedroom window. The signs look like
the signs we used to make selling Kool Aid back in Iowa. Estella told me
all day how sad she will be tomorrow when I leave school. She is so neat.
She really likes my stories. She probably had never heard anything like
them. She is like a small child in some ways. Except when she is teaching
verbs and then she is a terror. Rosa still does not have anyone in the
other room. That is very bad because she really needs the money for
herself. She has six children and a husband who does not work. He is a
very part time soccer coach and an even more part time referee.

Ramon the owner of the school who lives across the path has a dog that barks

all the time. Ramon lets the dog run loose in the yard which is fine but
the dog challenges each and every person who walks by the house. The degree

of the barking has a direct relationship with how many people are walking by

during the night. Last night there must have been a ton of people walking
by because the dog barked all night long. Oh well. Two more nights and
then I am out of here. I will not be able to hear Ramon's dog where I am

Just reread my graduation speech. In thinking about it I might be the only
person graduation this morning. Douglas and John are in the afternoon
session. Hmmmm. Does a tree make a sound if it falls in the forest and
there is no one to hear it? Is a speech a speech if there is no one to hear

it? I love all of these unanswerable philosophical questions.

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