Friday, April 27, 2007

April 27, 2007

April 27,3007 Friday at 7:09 pm in Guatemala

A very nice day. The graduation went well There were only three who
graduated with me and I did not know the other two. Douglas and John were
not there in fact they did not participate in the second graduation at 4 pm
either. Guess they were shy. I saw both of them and they were alive an
upright. John was headed for New York and Douglas was going to catch the
rays in Cancun for a while. I took some pictures so you will see how
spectacular the event was.

It finally rained around 5 pm. First time in a couple of weeks. So very
nice because it washes the trash into the lake and cleans the streets.
Sounds terrible but true. I can finally breathe again. The dust was
getting bad. This morning the flies were especially bad for a while and I
thought it might be because of the pending rain. It was. So very nice to
breathe again.

It was sad to end school. Estella will ride with Melvin and I to Guatemala
City on Sunday. She really enjoyed talking to me about education and the
United States. Maybe she will be able to come someday. I offered to host
any or all of her four children if they wanted to come to the US to high
school for a year. We had a young woman from Mexico for a year and it was a
good experience for all of us.

Had breakfast this morning as usual with a fruit plate and yogurt. Lunch
was rice, beans and spinach with some meat in it. I had it before and it
was good. Dinner is 17 minutes late at this point and have not seen a

Went to Nuevo Sol after they had been closed for a week. Nancy, Dennis and
Julie were there. Had seen all three all week long around town. Today
Julie and Nancy were doing Yoga with the local kids at the lake. Funny to
watch. Of course the kids love the attention. Not sure what their schedule
is at this point. Nancy will stick with Julie. Julie is going to El
Salvador for Yoga this weekend. Dennis will stay here to run the
restaurant. He is a neat guy and a real radical. Love talking to him.

Douglas is going to continue his tour for a while. He is very interesting.

School was great and I learned a lot. One important thing that I learned is
that you must keep speaking Spanish wherever you are. It is so important to
practice as much as you can. poco en poco. Little by little.

I never did get dinner and finally went to the Rosti-Pollo stand and got
some papafrios (French Fried Potatoes). I did not want to play chicken
roulette again. The fries were wonderful. Something about the flavor of
something that has been deep fried in a machine that has probably never been

cleaned. It just keeps getting better.

Ran into Dennis, Julie and Nancy again on the path. They were headed to a
cross dressing event at El Barrio. Dennis was wearing a nice little black
number. Dennis is about 6' 4" and has a very hairy chest if you get the
picture. He also has a beard. Julie was dressed as a young boy. Nancy was

dressed as a Nancy. The owners of El Barrio had ridden their bikes from
California to Guatemala a few years ago and are not taking six months off to

travel but this time by air. The woman half of the owners really looked
like a man and the man half of the owners was wearing a dress that did not
flatter his figure.

I guess it takes being over 2000 miles from home to really let loose for
some folks. g

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