Saturday, April 7, 2007

April 7, 2007 E Mail is working now

I got the problem solved with my settings. I will start a new blog
tomorrow. It was hard to send the last one because there were too many
photos and the file was too big. It is hot here today but overcast. Lots
of Guatemalan tourists in town for the Easter Weekend. The entire country
takes the whole week off and most of the businesses are closed. I should
have waited one more week to come. Oh well. I guess I got acclimated
during that time. There is a bar and restaurant here called "ZL." There
are also a lot of American druggies here left over from the 1960s. I need
to stop by the bar and see if the owners are from Summit County. I have met

a lot of people from Colorado down here just hanging out. Lots of
Australians as I have said and Eastern Europeans. Just like Summit County.
later g

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