Sunday, April 8, 2007

April 8, 2007 Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday April 8, 2007

I want to wish my oldest son Eric who lives in Ithaca, New York a happy 40th
birthday. His sister Christine turns 43 in a couple of days. I am sure
that she is happy that I am announcing that to the world. Eric is a film
producer and graphic designer. Christine is an Administrator in an Assisted
Living facility in Binghamton. Her oldest daughter Lindsay is graduating
with her Master's degree next month in Physical Therapy. How time flies.

I have heard from enough of you to stop sending photos. They are hard for
me to send and take a long time and then at your end it takes a long time to
download. In a couple of cases they actually crashed systems. It is
fine if everyone is on broadband but if you are on DSL or dialup it is hard.

Don Brown from Iowa, the owner and operator and chief cook and bottle washer
of Don's Diner, suggested that I put the photos on an internet site and then
they reside there instead of in your computer. That way you can look at
them any time you want but don't have to use up a lot of space on your hard
drive and not download them.

Easter Sunday here is the culmination of Holy Week. Everything was closed
all week and everything continued to be closed today. It is funny but the
places near the docks on the lake stayed open. Those are the
places that charge twice as much as the rest of the village.

My home stay includes three meals a day. Breakfast at 7:30 am, Lunch at
1:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm every day but Sunday. Of course that is the
day that all the restaurants are closed. I had breakfast at the American
Hotel, Mikaso, believe it or not, and then lunch at The Cove restaurant near
the docks. It is run by an American. He is about 40 years old and has
lived all over the world. Very intelligent, well read and he speaks
three or four languages. He wears a Chicago White Sox baseball hat so I
asked him if he was from Chicago. He said that he grew up in Florida but
that the hat was part of the clothing that he had picked up all over the
world. He lived in the Caribbean for a while and when tourists would buy
souvenirs they would leave their stuff they could not pack for the staff.
He has an Italian,
Mexican, Guatemalan and American menu. Today twelve young people from
Israel came in and it was funny to hear them order. No bacon of course but
no bread either.

Speaking of people from Israel there is a bearded young gentleman at my
school who
tells people that he is an Israeli anti-terrorist agent. My comment is that
if he was, he would not tell anyone. It is like the guy who tells you he is
with the CIA. You know right away that he is not. He would never tell
anyone that.

I have been using a route through town that starts at the Santiago Dock to
the east then up the hill to the Catholic Church and market in the center of
El Centro (downtown) and then back down to the Panajachel dock on the west.
Today because I did not have any classes I found a path along the lake shore
and walked the length of that. It was very steep in places and very rocky.
I was wearing my sandals so it was also tricky. What a nice walk. Lots of
families enjoying the lake. Swimming, sunbathing and doing their laundry.
Many students from the many Spanish schools were there studying also.

I did solve the mystery of the ZL Bar and Restaurant. It stands for Zoo
Lander. Not sure what that means but I guess it could mean Summit County at

times during the year. I also know that Zoolander was a film with Ben
Stiller. In my opinion Ben Stiller has never made a good movie so that
should tell you something. Adam Sandler has not either. Ben Stiller, Adam
Sandler and Jack Black are the three biggest money makers in Hollywood.
Someone must like them. Opinions are like
certain body parts. Everyone has one.

Today is the first day in a week that it has not rained so the flowers are
now blooming. So very pretty. This is a jungle so there are flowers I have
never seen before. I will take some pictures and put them on the web when I

get that set up.

I virtually never go into any bars. Tony my housemate does every night. He
had two comments from the weekend. The police shut the bars down near the
docks at the closing time of 2 am but let the in town local bars stay open
night. He said that the cops had been paid off to let the dock bars stay
open and
then reneged on the deal. I do not know the truth. I asked Tony if he knew
of a movie theatre here and he said there was none but that every bar showed
one movie a night to draw in patrons. I guess there is a big business here
in bootleg DVD of first run movies. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode
where Kramer gets a job filming new films with a video camera for the
bootleg copies. Funny stuff. Tony bought Babel for $1.00. Cheap at half
the price. Very illegal though. Don't try this at home.

This will be my first week of full classes. I go six hours a day for five
days a week. Nine to noon and then two to five with Estella my teacher.
Last week I only had three days of classes and they were only five hours
each due to Holy Week. I had a long conversation this morning with the guy
selling shaved ice to put in cups and then cover with flavoring. He was
selling Strawberry and Orange. I had Strawberry. Fresca en espanol. He
was an interesting
fellow and asked me a lot of good questions about Breckenridge and
Colorado. Maybe he was a CIA agent posing as an ice salesman. Of course if
he was he would never say. But if he was an Israeli anti-terrorist agent he
probably would. Yeah. Right. g

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