Monday, April 9, 2007

April 9, 2007 Later Monday Morning

Subject: Later Monday Morning April 9, 2007

Lake Atitlan is in the center of the Mayan Culture. I was always under the
impression that both the Aztecs and Mayans had disappeared and that the only

time you would see any of their culture is in a museum or airline ad on TV.
I will assure you that the Mayan culture is alive and well in all of the
villages around Lake Atitlan and is especially true here in San Pedro. I
remember driving across northwest New Mexico and northeast Arizona and
listening to the Navaho radio stations. The radios stations here are the
same. They broadcast in both Spanish and Mayan. Mayan is nothing like
Spanish and actually sounds a lot like Hebrew. Very guttural. Could the
Mayan be one of the lost tribes if Israel? Just kidding but it would be
interesting to do some research into all of that. My teacher Estella is
Mayan and she grew up speaking only Mayan. Her father is a coffee grower in

the mountains above San Pedro. There is no high school in Guatemala. If
you want to go to high school you must travel to a large city and your
parents must be able to pay room, board and tuition. Estella spent four
years in Guatemala City to finish high school. Imagine the struggle for her

parents to pay for that. Made me think of the Vail Mountain School for some

reason. A lot different. When people start lecturing on lost civilizations

you can remind them that Mayan is not one of them. g

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