Monday, April 9, 2007

April 9, Monday Evening

Monday Evening April 9, 2007

Had a lot of responses from everyone today. Nice to know that it is
working. Internet connections here are strange. I think that the systems
are in place with a strong broadband cable. My issue lately has been
comcast. I have comcast at home because I can't get anything else. That is
a long story but even being a member of a powerful committee that regulates
cable service I could not get Qwest or anyone else to give me service.
Before I left Breckenridge on this trip my e mail was bouncing from Comcast
because they said my was not a valid domain. Well hello.
My domain on that address IS comcast. Now I have to Google Comcast to get
connected and it does not work most of the time. I get these error messages
saying that I need to change the settings on the computer. Well the
computer is not mine. I am in an Internet store that rents computers to use
by the hour. It is their computer and their settings. I am sitting next to
people from all over the world and they do not have any problems at all. I
guess that is why monopolies are a bad thing. No competition leads to bad
service. And yes, I have talked to Comcast and they keep telling me it is
my server. I remind them that they are my server. Then I get a long
silence. Tonight I walked into a large field near the school with my laptop
trying to find a sweet spot for wireless. When I found it things went well
until it started to rain. Rain vs. Computers is not a good thing. Or muy
mal. Today was almost idyllic here. All of the touristas left after Holy
Week and all of us Touristas had the place to ourselves. Very nice. It was
much cooler today and was only in the mid-70s. It did rain a bit in the
last part of the afternoon but just enough to settle the dust. They do not
have any street sweepers here so women will get out into the street with a
broom and sweep several feet in both directions from their front door. They
did that in England when I lived there in the 1960's. Works for me. It
also gives everyone a chance to talk and gossip in the street. Not many
cars here. The few that venture into the town normally have to back out
because there is no place to turn around. Cars beep their horns to get
people to move and for the most part that is greeted by a blank stare like,
"I will move when I feel like it and not because you are rude and honk your
horn." Funny to watch. My first day of six hours of instruction went well.
Time goes fast. I would much rather be in class than sitting around doing
nothing. I went to the bank this morning and had a chat with an older
fellow, probably 90, waiting in line. He was very articulate and
interesting. He was telling me a long story about the bank and when there
was no bank here. As he was talking the women were coming up and kissing
his hand out of respect. Before I hear from you, older women get their
hands kissed too. g

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