Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday April 13, 2007

Thanks for the update on Jim. I remember him being on crutches for a lot of school. Always a nice guy. He worked at the grocery store downtown. No goats here that I can see. Lots of dogs, cats and horses. I realize that I am in earthquake country. Lake Atitlan is the top of a volcano. There is an active volcano in Antigua which is not far away. Amy has spent thousands of dollars on those cats and insists on letting them out. I have told her now and many times before. Hard to believe that there is a four lane that far. I remember that was always being talked about in the '50s. Estella took me on a long walk in the area today. Saw coffee plantations, orange trees, huge fields of onions. Will put it all in my daily piece. Lots of great photos. I am talking to Lynne over the internet every night. I can dial any phone in the world for 2 cents a minute. It is called skype and is free to download and actually free if your party is on line at the same time. I am paying because Lynne is not always available and she can use a regular phone more easily. love g

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