Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Night BLOG

Tuesday Night BLOG

I want to tell all of you that we did not get any of the snow you had. In
fact the only weather was bright and sunny. The road report from the
Guatemalan Department of Transportation is, as I have said before, dry,
dirty, dusty and narrow. The chain law is not in effect. Today was just
another day in paradise. All of the spring breakers and touristas have
really left now. Nice to be able to walk down the street alone or to go
into a shop and be the only customer. Tonight on the path outside my window

there is little "Ruido" (noise) only the barking of a single dog and the
sound of footsteps on the hard dirt. Felipe told Tony and me tonight that
he and Rosa used to own one of the biggest restaurants in San Pedro. Rosa
was the chef. It was called the Cafe Verde and the store is still there but

is now an Internet shop. I have been in there many times. Felipe lost the
restaurant because an employee got into a bad accident and it took all of
Felipe's assets to settle the claim. Now Felipe is a soccer coach and
referee. He said he might open a new restaurant here at the school. He
needs a front end loader to clean up the yard and that would be a major
start. I have pictures of what needs to be done. No much else to report.
Off to dormir (sleep). g

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