Monday, August 14, 2006

August 14, 2006 The View from my Window

Consider This for August 14, 2006—The view from my window

There is a small town near where I grew up in Iowa named Lake City. As you drive into Lake City there is a sign welcoming you with the greeting, “Welcome to Lake City. We have everything but a lake.”

Such is evolution . That part of Iowa was one huge lake and wetland in the 1800s. Lots of lakes in Lake City then.

I now live in a subdivision six miles north of Breckenridge called Lakeview Meadows. We should erect a sign: “Welcome to Lakeview Meadows. We have everything except a lake view.”

We had a nice view of the lake when I moved into my current house in the early 1990s. The Dillon Reservoir (not really a lake according to the Denver Water Board) is about one half mile north of my house. There are virtually no trees along Highway 9 so I had an unobstructed view of the water in the summer and the ice in the winter.

Then came progress. Then came a new housing project. There went my view.

Actually I can still see the town of Dillon across the reservoir if I look carefully between the houses. I can still catch glimpses of blue water on the far end.

Reminds me of Hawaii. I can squint my eyes and imagine the palm trees along the Dillon Marina. After all they do have a “Tiki Bar”, or at least that is what they used to call it.

That is the bad news. The good news is that since they realigned the bike path (aka the recreational path) to the west side of the highway several years ago I can watch the bikers, walkers, runners, and roller bladers on the recreational path (informally known as the bike path).

Some of us can remember when planners called the recreational paths Hiker Biker Trails. When I was with the City of Lakewood in 1970 there was a big push for Hiker Biker Trails. We would not have known what a recreational path was then.

It is all nomenclature of some sort or other. Regardless of what you call it the rec path is an amazing success and is used by hundreds of people every day. How do I know this? I can count them out my window.

Another neat thing is that I am visited daily by coyotes and foxes. I think they live above me in the forest to the west and come down across my yard on their way to the Blue River across the street to get water. They probably forage for food along the way.

I can always tell when they are successful foraging because the photos of the missing cats and small dogs go up on the telephone pole near the mailboxes. Sad but true.

If you want to keep your cat or small dog then keep it in the house all the time except for short potty breaks. If you want to let them roam then say farewell each time they leave because you might not see them again.

Life in Lakeview Meadows out my window is hazardous for cats and small dogs.

I can also see a large number of swallows out my window. The reason I can see them is that they live under the eaves of my house. I love having them around. Yes, they poop on my deck but that is a small price to pay to have nature that close to my bedroom.

I see people using water hoses to blast down their nests from their homes. They may not know that it is a crime to do that during nesting season. I am sure they do not like bird poop near their houses or maybe they don’t like the noise early in the morning, but it is the law and we need to obey the law.

I have two dogs living in my house at the present time. Why I have two dogs living here is a different story but both dogs have a thing for UPS trucks and Fed Ex trucks. Any other truck can come into the subdivision and the dogs will not even open their napping eyes. Let either of those two companies’ trucks even think about turning into our circle and the dogs are up at the window barking at the top of their lungs.

Is it the kind of exhaust system the trucks have or the odor of their loads or the uniforms the drivers wear? Whatever it is, it sure makes the dogs go crazy.

Regardless of the distractions I know I have the very best view in Summit County or perhaps the world this summer. Ask me again in February and my opinion might be different.

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