Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 2008 Vote your beliefs

Consider This for March 3, 2008—Vote your beliefs

I am seeing and hearing a very disturbing trend as our presidential election draws near. I am hearing women say that they will vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. A person’s gender is not a qualification for anything. I am hearing others saying that they will vote for Barack Obama because he is an African American. A person’s race is not a qualification for anything. I am hearing that people will vote for John McCain because he was a prisoner of war and served as a naval aviator in Viet Nam. Neither of those qualifies him for anything.

You should vote for someone because of their beliefs. You should vote for someone because of their experience and leadership. You should vote for someone because their political party or lack of a political party most closely agrees with your politics.

I personally think that Clinton, Obama or McCain could be a good president. Our government is so huge and so hard to change that even the most ineffective and disliked president like George W. Bush could not destroy our government.

Each and every president has been an individual and has done things the way he wanted to do them. From the first day in office he is trying to get reelected to a second term. After he is elected to a second term he works trying to create his own legacy. Each president wants to go down in history so they try to do things historical.

All three candidates are United States Senators. None of them have any leadership background. As a former legislator I can tell you that there is no leadership experience to be had there. The last Senator to be elected president was John F. Kennedy. Leadership comes from being a Mayor, School Board President, County Commissioner or Governor. Each and all of these positions involve serious public policy and the management of large budgets and personnel. United States Senators do none of this.

In recent history Truman was in Congress as well as Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford but only Kennedy was in congress just prior to becoming president. Carter, Clinton, Reagan and Bush were all governors. Recent Presidents with a military background include Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, and Bush.

I am proud of what John McCain did for our country. I am even more proud of his stance in support of open immigration and campaign reform. Both of those are historical and he is widely criticized for both issues. The conservatives hate him for supporting the Bush plan for open immigration. The liberals hate him for his efforts to clean up campaign funding. One of the liberals who opposed him on campaign reform was Senator Hillary Clinton. She did not like McCain-Feingold. By the way Feingold is a liberal Democrat from Wisconsin. Being able to cross the aisle on important issues is an attribute for a good president.

Hillary Clinton puts her time as first lady as experience in the White House. I have always liked the old saying about church. Just because you go to church every Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than walking into a garage makes you a car. It has more to do with how you live your life and who you are. If being in the White House for eight years makes you some sort of presidential material then we should consider the chef or housekeeper who has been there for twenty or thirty years.

I do think that there were two women in our history who have had that kind of experience. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson was probably the acting President when Woodrow Wilson was infirmed during the end of his presidency. Others would point to Nancy Reagan and how close she was to Ronald Reagan as his Alzheimer’s began to affect him. We may never know how involved either woman was in running our country.

Please do not vote for anyone because of their race, gender or military service. Vote for someone because they have the strong qualifications to be president of the United States. Vote for someone because they represent what you believe in and that they will more closely represent you as an individual.

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