Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008—The Party of Douglas Bruce Speaks

Consider This for April 28, 2008—The Party of Douglas Bruce Speaks

The Democrats in Pennsylvania spoke last week. Not with a roar but with a whimper. They just barely decided that almost the best candidate will be Hillary Clinton.

The party of Douglas Bruce has cheered her on.

Hillary and Barack are working very hard to get John McCain elected. Hillary with her negative campaigning and Barack by responding to her are only digging their respective holes even deeper for the general election in November. She should cool her jets and Barack should ignore her comments.

It is common knowledge across the nation that the Republicans would rather run against Hillary than run against Barack. Unfortunately a lot of it might have to do with racism. Republicans are getting sick and tired of being called racists. All of the Republicans except Douglas Bruce, who goes out of his way to get that characterization, are fed up with the comments.

It is also common knowledge that the Republicans have always felt that they could beat Hillary very easily while beating Obama would be very difficult. Even Rush Limbaugh has said it in the past. He encouraged his listeners who are mostly right wing conservative Republicans to declare as Democrats and go to the polls and vote for Hillary in the primary. Rush Limbaugh is not a rocket scientist but you don’t have to be that to see what is going on in the presidential race. Interesting that the formerly not registered or registered as a Republicans in Pennsylvania were voting for Obama based on exit polling. I guess Rush is not completely correct.

In the case of Hillary Clinton she has maintained a high profile since her husband left office. Every word and probably every thought she has had was documented and cataloged in case she would run for President some day.

That is not the case with Obama. He is a virtual unknown. In fact the Democrats use that against him because he has not had a high profile or has become a national figure. He gave a speech at the Democratic convention four years ago that introduced him to the Democrats and the world. He became known for his rhetoric and his oratory skills but not for shaping public policy.

The Republicans apparently would rather be referred to as sexist rather than racist.

Actually my heart goes out to both candidates. They can’t win for losing. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

In the meantime John McCain just tours the country glad handing everyone and waiting for Hillary and Barack to beat each other up and to spend a lot of money.

The numbers tell the truth. Hillary has raised about $340 million. Barack has raised about $370 million. McCain the last time I checked had only raised about $50 million. That tells the whole story. Why should he take the time and effort to run a race when the two Democratic candidates are ensuring he will never have to run a hard race?

A couple of weeks ago the issue of the Democratic delegates from Florida and Michigan was a done deal. There will not be any redo of the primary and the delegates may or may not be seated at the convention in Denver. End of story. I doubt it. Hillary was saying last week that she will demand that they be seated and declare for candidates. The Democratic National Committee has a different idea about the two states that decided not to follow the rules and those two states will suffer the consequences. Or as I have said before, you do the crime you do the time. I will give Hillary the optimistic award of the week though. God bless her and her strong heart. The power of positive thinking or that she is creating her own karma.

I voted in my first presidential election in 1964. In the past 44 years I have never seen anything like this election. What a mess. Rather than have a do over for the two states and their primary maybe we should have a do over for the entire year. We could just cancel everything and start all over again. Imagine the boost for the economy when the millions of dollars already spent on the election would be there again. The Television, Radio and Newspaper business would love it.

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