Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 12, 2008

Ecuador May 12, 2008

Several of my fans have asked that I write daily as I did from Guatemala last year. I will try that and see how it goes. One positive thing is that the reports should be shorter. I will no longer number them and just use the date that I am writing the report. If you don’t get one let me know. Also if I don’t write then there is obviously no report for that day.

Sunday, Mother’s Day was quiet. I walked to El Centro (downtown) to call Lynne and Amy as I knew they would be together shopping, Wal Mart, movie and lunch but wires got crossed and phones got lost. I called Amy three times and Lynne three times and could only talk to their voice mail. Something about the road to hell being paved by good intentions.

Amy wrote a long e mail about their day. It took a small army to get everything done but Amy, Matt and Luke stepped up to the plate and got it done. I got tired from 3500 miles away just reading the story.

I did go to El Mercado (the market) to retake some photos I had lost in another transition with my computer.

I walked around the market with my big shoulder bag with my laptop and carrying my very nice, expensive Nikon camera taking pictures of chickens and guinea pigs. As I was leaving the market two young girls about 15 came running up to me shouting about my camera and my bag and something about being robbed. Scared the crap out of me. I checked my bag and it was still closed and I still had my camera. I told them that I really did not understand what they were saying and they remained insistent about the bag and the camera. I just looked at them and walked away.

About a block later I realized what they were saying. They were telling me to put my camera in my bag and not carry it around exposed. They were saying that I would be robbed if someone saw my camera. My afternoon instructor had told me the same thing. Actually he told me to never carry my laptop or camera with me because I would get hit on the head for either one or both.

This morning Montserrat on of the grown daughters was here dropping off her son with her mother and I told her the story. She told me that what the girls had said was true and that the real problem was my bag. It looked too expensive. ($14 at Target) and that I needed something cheaper. She said that she would “borrow” (loan) me one and save me from a headache.

About 90% of the television here is in English with Spanish subtitles. Good for learning Spanish. I have kept up on the Tornadoes in Missouri, the Cyclone in Miramar and the earthquake this morning in China. Of course there is also the volcano that just blew up in Chile. Good day to stay home.

It rained this morning as I walked to School. It is nice but I never know how to dress. It is chilly so I put on layers but by the time I get to school I am very sweaty. I know that some of you like getting sweaty but in this case it is not nice.

My Senora makes a great breakfast every morning but serves instant coffee. Yuck. It was the same in Guatemala. There we were surrounded by coffee bushes and they served Nescafe from the United States. Starbucks where are you? g

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