Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 18, 2008

Ecuador May 18, 2008

I remember being on the farm in Iowa and that the roosters would crow about the time the sun came up. In Ecuador they crow at 2 am. Must be the altitude or latitude or one of the other tudes.

Today is the big transition. Julie leaves to continue here adventure and a new woman arrives to take her place. Julie’s bedroom is about twice the size of mine but I am fine where I am. To be sexist for a moment maybe girls need more room for some reason. Our closets are the same size in case you were wondering.

Not sure what the rest of the day holds in store.

Yesterday I walked down to Supermax. (I love saying that.) and bought a Snicker’s bar. As it was Saturday the place was packed.

After lunch I decided to walk to the very opposite side of the city. I live on the North side which is a mixture of old city and some new homes. On the South side there is nothing but new homes and new commercial development.

I had been told that the movie theater was in the general area of the Soccer Stadium. The stadium is on the map but the theater is not. It took me about 40 minutes to make the walk but when I got there I could not find the movie theater. I asked several people and they all said they did not know. I finally asked a mom and dad and their kids and no one knew except a five year old girl with the family. She knew exactly where it was and gave me great directions. She probably thinks a lot about going to the movies and was just waiting for some confused American to ask about the theater.

The theater is part of a huge mall. The mall had KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and all of the normal American fast food places along with several South American stores. I was very impressed with the entire operation. It was packed with people and most were just shopping and eating. The theater had six screens and none of the movies appealed to me.

It had rained all morning and had stopped by the time I left the house. Just as I got back home the skies opened up and there was a deluge for about an hour. Timing is everything in life and yesterday my timing was great.

Elena and Eugenio went to the first communion of one of their grandkids yesterday. They were all dressed up and looked so fine. I took a picture of them as they left.

There was a woman and a very young boy here at the same time and I asked them who they were. The woman told me that she was Elena’s sister and the boy was her son Bruno. The family here is so very tight but I did not know that Elena had a sister. The boy was only 11 months old so I guessed the sister was around 30. Elena is 62 so that is a major age spread. I found it strange that Elena did not introduce me. Could be one of those blips in the family that no one talks about.

The only relative of Elena’s that I had met was Carlos her brother. He is a PhD in Psychology and practices here. Very nice guy and very funny. He would fit right into Breckenridge. g

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