Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 19, 2008

Ecuador May 19, 2008

I have very little to report but watch me fill up the page anyway.

All I did yesterday was walk to the Internet store early in the morning to send what you got yesterday. The rest of the day I studied, watched TV and slept. Oh yeah. I watched it rain very hard all day. It was a driving rain like the kind we used to get in Iowa in the summer and then go out and play in the street and gutters. Iowa was a simple life in those days. Give me a piece of string and a rock and I will build a space ship.

Julie finally left yesterday morning. That was a production. She did not want to take all of her stuff on this first leg of her next trip so she left most of it in my room and the rest in a spare bedroom. Julie is the kind of woman who literally consumes all of the energy in a room when she appears. She adheres to the theory of life that says it is better to burn out than rust out.

Julie is from Toronto via Vancouver where she is in graduate school. Two new women came last night and they are both from Toronto also. One said that there are direct flights from Toronto to Quito so it is a popular place to visit. Katie will be here for four weeks and is going to do the eight hour a day class. I don’t remember the other woman’s name but she will only do four hours a day for one week. She was in a class in Peru that was eight hours and she said that she could not consume all of the information.

The family came over last night for their regular Sunday gathering. Everyone came up to my room again to look at the photos on my computer. Carlos is Elena’s brother and he had never seen any of the photos. He asked later if he could come back and look at all of my photos. Of course I agreed. At various times I have taken my computer downstairs and left it for everyone to browse any and all of the stuff. Carlos is a PhD Psychologist and is a real kick. His wife is even a bigger kick than he is at times. Must be fun to live in their house.

I took a lot more pictures of the family last night too. I will post them on the Internet when I get back. So far I have about 150 photos of the city and the family. g

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