Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 20, 2008

Ecuador May 20, 2008

Now I sound like a weather reporter. We had torrential rain again yesterday for the third day in a row. I guess that is why they call this the rainy season.

It rained so hard yesterday that the streets flooded and all of the traffic came to a complete stop. The bad news was that I got soaked. The good news was that I made it home without being killed in the traffic. Traffic not moving equals a safe walk/run home.

Yesterday one of my instructors heard me comment about how cold the weather is here on the Equator. She reminded me that the two coldest months are June and July. I can’t win for losing. I froze to death all winter long in Summit County and the day after I finished teaching this last semester I got on a plane and flew to the Equator only to find myself in the middle of winter again. Oh well. I guess I could move to the desert.

In the same conversation a couple here from Winter Park said that the very best place to live is San Diego because the weather is consistently warm. Then the fellow’s wife reminded him that it is deadly hot there in the middle of summer. Again. Can’t win for losing.

The instructor has asked everyone where they thought the very best place in the United States was to live. Just about everyone in the group mentioned California. I said Monterrey but several said San Francisco and San Diego. I think it is funny that no one actually lived in California but California was the state of choice.

One thing that was kind of cute. There was a woman in the group in her 60s from Alaska. Her most favorite place was Ottawa. When she was asked to talk about the most spectacular thing about Alaska she said it was the sparse population. I commented that Wyoming was even sparser and she wanted to argue the point. Oh well. Then I asked her if she felt Denali was spectacular and she had never heard of Denali. (Denali, Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America and certainly in the United States.) Maybe she is part of the witness protection program.

It is hard to imagine that a week from today will be my last day in school. Four weeks just fly by when you are having fun.

My two new roommates are doing fine. They have more time in Ecuador under their belt than just about anyone I know. They are both modern day soldiers of fortune having spent some time in just about every country in South America. They are both under 25 and both from Toronto and both college students. It is interesting how up to speed they are on politics in the United States. They both would vote for Obama if they were citizens which they are not.

Interesting story. Diane (Dee-Anne) told me yesterday that her father had worked as an electrical contractor in Toronto all of his life. He had grown up on a farm but had become a contractor early on in his life. When he retired he bought a small farm and has remodeled the house and all of the out buildings and he and his wife are now living there. She said he has never been happier. Nice to hear stories like that.

I spent much of my youth on a farm in Iowa and my goal is to find a penthouse somewhere and remodel it and live there for the rest of my life. (Just kidding.) I remember my mother telling me to leave my small town in Iowa and Iowa in general because she felt it was a trap and she did not want me to suffer that fate. I do have fond memories of being in Iowa and working on the farm but I have never wanted to go back to that life. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

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