Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 21, 2008

Ecuador May 21, 2008

The weather finally cleared yesterday and maybe my clothes will dry out. When you are already in humid climate the wetness lasts a lot longer. It is not like Colorado where everything dries naturally in a few minutes.

The school offers a lot of extra activities such as dance lessons in Salsa, Tango, Rumba and Meringue. I did that in Mexico because they required that everyone attend and the classes were held during regular class time. I eventually opted out of that and took and advanced class in Mexican History. Here the classes are held in the evening. I am told that only women show up for dance classes and then dance with each other. I remember going to the local Ballroom in Iowa in the early 1950s where women would dance with each other while the men sat in the corner drinking and smoking cigarettes. Some things never change.

This week I did participate in two events. Cuenca history and the City Tour. Both were interesting and I would recommend them to any student. Cuenca history was in a classroom and was more of a Spanish conversation event where the City Tour was actually a foot tour of the city. It included museums and churches as well as being shown various styles of architecture and construction. I found out that there are three styles each denoting various periods in history. The types of construction included log and adobe construction that has lasted a couple of hundred years. They also told us that they are now putting insulation in their homes. Sounds like a good idea to me. They still do not have any heat in their homes or central hot water. Maybe that is not true as there are many very modern new homes being built.

I actually fly back a week from today. I leave Cuenca around 6 pm and then fly from Quito to Atlanta at 10 pm on an overnight flight. I get to Denver around 10 pm on Thursday. It will be good to get home. I think that the hot water is what I have missed the most. And of course that includes getting my clothes washed every day. Elena does not have a clothes dryer so she hangs out clothes on stair railings and on a very small clothes line out back. It takes a day or two for things to dry.

It is funny how I never considered hot water and clean clothes before. In Mexico I had to take things to a laundry but could get them back the same day. In Guatemala I gave my clothes to Rosa and some poor woman had to stand half naked in the lake two wash them. There my clothes came back clean but with a tint of red from the minerals in the lake.

I think that everyone should have to live in a third world country for a month so they could understand how important the little things are in our lives. g

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