Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 22, 2008

Ecuador May 22, 2008

Not raining this morning. I guess that is a good sign. Too bad we can’t get all this rain into the Colorado River Basin.

The lead story on CNN International this morning is the European Championship Soccer Match from Moscow. Funny how some priorities work. A cyclone in Myanmar and an earthquake in China and two major wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and the lead story is about a game. Something is wrong with this picture. I am sure that the fans from Manchester United would disagree with me.

On the local front there are still problems with insurgents in Ecuador attacking Columbia from their safe haven in this country. By the way, after Israel Columbia gets more US aid than any other country because of their drug trade. How about we use that money in the US to reduce demand rather than spending it to prop up a country that could care less?

Now why would we do that when our obvious goal is to support English soccer teams?

I have always supported the legalization of Marijuana. I felt that way even when I was a police officer in New York City. A week from tomorrow I am receiving an award for my efforts both as an elected official and as a writer to legalize pot.

Yesterday I was asked to serve on a national forum to fight against the death penalty also. A few months ago I wrote about my opposition to legislation that would make child sexual assault a capitol crime. That bill died in committee but the proponents will probably bring it back. I think that people who have sex with children are very sick but they certainly do not deserve the death penalty. They should be put in a secure mental facility for the rest of their lives.

I had a very quiet day yesterday. Got up and had breakfast with the girls. Walked to school. Spent four hours in class. Went to the Internet store to send and receive e mails. Walked home. Ate lunch. Took a nap. Went to Supermax to buy Coca light. (Diet Coke) and some peanuts and some chocolate covered raisins. (Hey do I know how to eat or what?) Walked home in the rain. Watched the news. Waited for the girls to come home from dance lessons at the school. (They have dance lessons every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. I did that in Mexico and will pass on it here.) Ate dinner. Watched a movie in French. Went to bed. Whoa. I can hardly restrain my excitement.

But on a serious note. I love Ecuador and I love my home stay family and I love my school. Things could not be better. Well maybe it could rain a little less. I will be back in Colorado a week from today and I am sure that I am going to miss this place. And no, I am not planning to come back. I think my next trip will be longer and will be to Spain. They broadcast Spanish Television here from Madrid. They also have direct flights from Quito to Madrid. They really value the association with the mother country.

Most of you know that I also teach History. England, Spain and France were the big players in colonizing the world. Nearly every country can trace its roots back to one of the big three countries in exploration. Much of what happened was religious and had to do with spreading the gospel and evangelizing the world. Every day I see that influence in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. People forget that. It is one of the reasons that Madrid Television is on in Ecuador and that there are non-stop flights back to the mother country.

Speaking of mothers. I want all of you mothers both male and female to have a great day and never forget us expatriates fighting for freedom in the halls of the Simon Bolivar Spanish School in Cuenca, Ecuador. g

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