Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 23, 2008

Ecuador May 23, 2008

Some of you might remember my writing about the explosions in San Miquel during the festivals for the saints in 2005. Of course the same thing happens here. Right now the Festival of Corpus Christi is being celebrated for four days starting yesterday, Thursday. All night long there are loud explosions from various parts of the city. When I was in San Miguel they were coming from the churches. Here I am not sure where they are coming from. I live at least a mile from the nearest of the eight Catholic churches here and I doubt if the sound would be that loud. In Mexico I was told that the explosions were to rid the church of evil spirits during the festival. Not sure what is going on here.

Elena and Eugenio went to the festival last night and I did not get dinner until 9 pm. The price you pay for a good festival. My teacher told me the best part of the festival was the Dulce which means sweet in Spanish. He said that there are many vendors who sell small samples of sweets. That way you can have a lot of different sweets in one night. Remember the Italian movie in the 1960s, “La Dulce Vita” the Sweet Life. I guess they must have gone to a festival with Dulce.

I end my last full week today. I have class on Monday and Tuesday and then fly home on Wednesday and Thursday next week. I still can’t believe that nearly four weeks has gone by. There are 99 pages in our workbook and I will have finished all of them by Tuesday. Lots of information.

Each time I have taken a trip to improve my Spanish the experience has been different. I guess that I have learned a lot in each place but the school, the homes and the people are all different. Regardless it is always a good experience and broadens my outlook on life in general. We live in a very large world and it is important that each of us learn as much as we can about other places even if it might only be watching National Geographic or the Travel Channel. It is all good. g

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