Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 26, 2008

Ecuador May 26, 2008

Sundays are always different here. As I have mentioned before my family in Ecuador is very tight. They never let a day go by without some or all of the members of the family coming over to visit and most of the time it is to eat.

On Friday Fabian had shown me several large plastic tubs full of fresh crab. He did not tell me who or what they were for. Yesterday morning Elena yelled at me to come down and she took me into the back yard where Fabian, Stephan and Carlos along with about ten of the grandchildren were washing and preparing all of the crab. I would imagine that there was more than fifty pounds in all.

The women were boiling water in the kitchen and when the crabs were ready they were brought upstairs to be cooked. There were at least thirty people eating lunch and everyone had as much as they wanted and even then there was crab left over. Amazing.

Earlier yesterday I had decided to walk around the entire outskirts of the city. It took about four hours. I walked from the house to the airport and then to a famous Museum (El Banco Central) and then to the mall where the movie theatre is and then to the Café Austria for some real coffee (Everyone here serves a very weak instant coffee made by Nestles) then to the Festival and then to the open market and then back to the house. I think that I had to have walked off breakfast. I even worked up a sweat which is hard to do when the temperature is 50 degrees.

Yesterday Diane announced that she is moving out into a hostel. We pay $20 a day here for room and board and she can get a room with a private bath at the hostel for $3 a day. She is too funny. She will make someone a great wife as she is a major penny pincher. I have told her that she could write a book called. “South America on 50 cents a day.” She is also going to stop attending the school here at the end of the week because she found a cheaper one in Bogotá.

I guess Katie will have the house and the shower to herself after I leave on Wednesday.

Speaking of that, tomorrow, Tuesday, will be my last report. Wednesday is Fly Day for me so I will be doing last minute things and then flying to Denver arriving on Thursday. By the way, the time difference here is one hour. We are on the same time as Dallas, Kansas City, Iowa and Minnesota. It is called Ecuador Central Time. They do not observe Daylight Savings Time here as they did not in Guatemala too.

Speaking of time. You all know how there is 24 hours of sunlight in Alaska in the Summer and 24 hours of darkness in the winter. Here it seems to be another extreme. Boom the sun is up at 7 am and boom it goes down at 7 pm. No dusk, no twilight. It is either on or off. Now I have only been here in May so that might change at other times of the year. g

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