Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador May 4, 2008

Ecuador 2 May 4, 2008

I finally got out of the airport in Quito around noon. The flight to Cuenca took 30 minutes. Believe it or not the crew served sandwiches and drinks during that time.

Maybe the major airlines in the US need to check their process out.

I sat next to a six year old girl who was traveling with her parents who were sitting behind us. We had a great conversation and she was thrilled with the flight. She really liked being above the clouds and then going down through the clouds to land.

On Sunday it is family day in Ecuador. My host family has several children and grandchildren. They all showed up for lunch and then we took a drive around the city. We looked at all of the historic sites and visited several churches, colleges and universities. We ended the trip with a stop for ice cream. What a big group.

Elena the grandmother took all of the orders and all the big kids like me and the little kids alike got what they wanted.

Eugenio the grandfather went to his dentist office while we were there. He is very musical and is singing, whistling or playing music all the time. He is very quiet but very introspective.

One of their daughters who is married to an airline pilot in Peru is going to move to Belgium for five years to get her PhD in Psychology. Right now she is a school psychologist and a classroom teacher. She is about 30. She will live in Belgium, her husband will live in Peru and their children will live here in Cuenca. You must have a strong marriage to make that work. The school in Belgium is paying all of her expenses for the five years including all food, clothing, housing and a salary while she is in school. They had three requirements. You had to be a woman under the age of 35, speak English and have worked as a teacher.

It started to rain very hard while we were out. It came down in buckets. Well after all it is the rainy season. Everything is very clean and very green. It never did get hot today and then the temperature really dropped when it started to rain,

I do not have any Internet connection at the house so I don’t know what I will do about that. My Skype will not work unless I have a connection. I saw a ton of Internet stores today so that will work. I did that in Guatemala a few times and there was no problem. It is their business to stay on line so I think that I can be assured it will work.

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