Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 9, 2008—“A Defining Moment for Our Nation”

Consider This for June 9, 2008—“A Defining Moment for Our Nation”

Barack Obama, speaking in Minnesota after gaining enough delegates to become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, said that it was, “A defining moment for our nation.” I could not agree more. Several pundits commented that he had beaten the mainstream Democratic power base from inside the beltway and literally changed the way people will view politics from this moment on.

I also believe that it was a comic moment for our nation. Hillary Clinton rose to speak in New York and never conceded defeat. She congratulated Obama and went on to give her stump speech about what a great president she will be. I just scratched my head. I would give her the “power of positive thinking award.”

I am sure that by the time this is published all of that will be resolved. As I write this Hillary has scheduled an event in New York to thank her volunteers and campaign staff and to announce her support for Obama. But she will not release her delegates. Time will tell.

And then there was John McCain speaking in Louisiana. What a piece of work he is now. I had a lot of respect for the man until the past few days. I think that he is sorry that he is white. He is sorry that he is a man. And now he is sorry that he is a Republican. It would be difficult for him to change his sex, I am not sure how he would change his skin color but he could do something about being a Republican. He kept whining about how he is being referred to as the third term of George Bush. He felt that the Obama campaign could not come up with anything truthful so they were spreading the false impression that he was just a George Bush clone. Well. If you walk like a Bush and talk like a Bush then you must be a Bush.

When the sitting president has the worst economy in many years, the highest gas prices ever, the lowest approval rate and is stuck in an unending war in Iraq it is not a good thing. John McCain keeps telling the people that everything is ok and that the economy is doing fine and that we are winning the war in Iraq. He looks, talks and acts just like George Bush and yet he wants everyone to believe that he is someone different.

I have some free advice for John McCain. Run as yourself and not as someone else. Distance yourself as much as possible from George Bush and his failed administration. Run as a man with a lot of experience and good common sense and you might stand a chance of winning. Always tell the truth because honesty will get you more votes than dishonesty. Don’t pander to the supporters of George Bush. You can count the numbers. You can decide for yourself if the numbers are there. Just between you and me they are not there. You are running on a losing track.

And then the funniest thing yet happened. A Catholic priest gets up and speaks as a guest pastor in Obama’s former church, he has an emotional meltdown and Obama gets blamed for that. He can’t win for losing. Obama has now resigned his membership in his home church of over twenty years. What a shame. I thought that we had freedom of religion in this country. I thought we had free speech. Why did that ever have to happen?

We are not our brother’s keepers. We are not responsible for the behavior or comments of other people. The only person we have any direct control or influence over is ourselves. We sometimes even have a problem with that. Just ask someone who has tried to quit smoking.

The final redemption in all of this is that it has really helped my sense of humor. I continue to realize that politics in the United States is a joke and the only way you can survive what is going on is to laugh a lot at all the candidates.

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