Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 11, 2008—Barack Obama is Not a Muslim

Consider This for August 11, 2008—Barack Obama is Not a Muslim

This is not a comment supporting Barack Obama. Rather it is a comment to all of you who believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. He is not a Muslim.

I also will never tell anyone how to vote. If you think that John McCain is the best candidate then I would encourage you to vote for him. But please do not vote for him because you think Obama is black or that Obama is a Muslim. Find a true reason to vote for McCain and not a false rumor you read on the Internet.

Barack Obama’s father is a black man from Kenya. He is also a Muslim. Barack Obama’s mother married his father but only remained married to him for a few years. Will all of you who personally picked your father please raise your hand? Gee, I can’t see any hands raised. Maybe that is because no one can pick their father or for that matter the religion of your father.

By the way how many of you can tell me the religion or ethnic background or racial background of John McCain? Still no hands. Maybe that is because no one has made an issue of John McCain’s religion, ethnic or racial background.

How many of you know that John McCain was not born in the United States? Again, few if any hands raised. John McCain was born in a foreign country. Obama was born in the United States. John McCain was born in Panama because his father was in the Navy and was serving there at the time. It is generally accepted that McCain is a United States citizen and I agree. But no one ever brings that up. I find that interesting.

During Obama’s childhood his family lived in a predominately Muslim country. They lived in Indonesia. During that time Obama attended a school there but it was not a Muslim school. It was not a religious school.

Soon after that Barack Obama’s mother and father divorced and the father returned to Africa. Barack Obama and his mother moved to Kansas to live with his grandmother.

Obama speaks dearly of his grandmother and talks a lot about how she had a positive influence on his life. This is his white grandmother who lived in Kansas.

Barack Obama is a Christian and has been an evangelical Christian most of his life. Most recently he attended a Christian church in his neighborhood in Chicago.

Again, I wish John McCain well and hope for the best for him. I also wish Barack Obama well and hope for the best for him also.

I am just concerned about all of the racist bigots out there who choose not to believe the truth.

We have a very important decision to make in the next few weeks in choosing our next president of the United States. After the dismal record of President George W. Bush we all should know exactly what we do not want for our future.

We need to choose the candidate that is running a positive campaign that is not based on people’s fears and prejudice. We need to choose someone who has a vision for the future and in not interested in continuing the disasters of the past. We need to find someone who we will able to look upon to continue the legacy of presidents like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan and others who made a positive change in our nation.

We don’t need a president who is involved in fear mongering or negative campaigning. We need someone who is truly presidential and not someone who is beholding to the people who are responsible for the problem rather than the people who want to be part of the solution.

By the way that is a paraphrase of a quote from Eldridge Cleaver who was a former Black Panther and black activist in the 1960’s and wrote, “Soul on Ice.” It is not about those who talk the talk but rather about those who walk the talk. Let’s hire someone as President who will walk the talk.

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