Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 25, 2008—School’s Open. Drive Carefully.

Consider This for August 25, 2008—School’s Open. Drive Carefully.

Summit County Schools open today and I want to make sure that you all stop driving the way you normally do and start driving carefully. And that goes for me too. Small children are often hard to see because of their lack of height. They are vertically challenged. And small children often will dart out into the street believing that they will be safe and not realizing the weight and speed of a vehicle.

My sister reminded me that last week was the 63rd anniversary of her starting kindergarten at Rockwell City Elementary. I guess that make it my 61st anniversary but I am not really that old. My driver’s license is incorrect. I am really 25.

With school starting today and along with my sister’s comments reminded me of my own life’s educational path. Seven years at Rockwell City Elementary, three years in Rockwell City Junior High and three years in Rockwell City High School. By the way all 13 years were all in the same building. (Not one room.) I am not that old.

I went into the Air Force in 1960 and took a few college courses there. When I got out I went to Iowa Central College where I earned degrees in English and History. I went on to John Jay College in the City College of New York to study criminal justice. When I moved to Colorado in 1970 I enrolled in CU-Boulder and majored in English Literature. I moved on to CU-Denver where I continued in English and History. I graduated from Colorado Christian College in Lakewood with degrees in Management and Psychology. I went on to get my Master’s of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Communication and Public Speaking.

More recently I have spent considerable time and money living and studying Spanish in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador.

I started teaching at the college level at Metropolitan State College in 1970 in Criminal Justice. I have taught at Colorado Mountain College since 1983 in Criminal Justice and now in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

I had a discussion with a friend last week about addictions and my friend asked me if I had any. I responded that I am addicted to work. Work currently is teaching at CMC and writing for the Summit Daily News.

I started writing a weekly column 25 years ago in 1986 for the old Summit County Journal in Breckenridge. I went to the Summit Sentinel and now the Summit Daily News. I write fifty two different columns a year. When I start a column I write 1000 words and then pare that down to the required 700 words each week. With first drafts I write 52,000 words a year. Imagine if I could get $1 a word? I don’t.

When I went into the Air Force I was assigned as a staff writer for the base newspaper, the Mitchel AFB Beacon on Long Island, New York. It is now the home of the Islanders Hockey team and Nassau Community College.

Later I lived in Europe and was a staff writer for the RAF Alconbury Photogram in England. I eventually became the editor for a short time at the ripe old age of 20.

I was a staff writer for a magazine in New York City from 1968-1970 writing feature articles and helping with some editing.

The reason that I am saying all of this is that without my educational opportunities none of this would have ever happened.

I have been blessed to be able to feed my addictions because of my education. I have a total of five degrees from three different colleges that includes my Master’s degree and guess what folks. This week I will be teaching three classes at CMC Dillon and at the same time taking two undergraduate classes that would count toward an Associate’s Degree. You are never too old to teach and you are never too old to take a class.

There are still openings in most classes this semester at CMC and I would encourage you to go to the Breckenridge or Dillon Campus and sign up right away.

And as you travel to sign up for classes remember to drive carefully as school is now open.

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