Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 20, 2008-Election Picks

Consider This for October 20, 2008-Election Picks

Two weeks from tomorrow the polls will open at 7 a.m. and the race will have begun. I hope that most of you have already voted by either mail or early voting. If you did then you can kick back and just listen to the results as they come in during the day.

The following is the way I will be voting this election. I am not necessarily endorsing any candidates or issues but I want you to know what and who I will be voting for this election.

I am going to vote for Barack Obama for President. That other guy scares the heck out of me. If you liked George W. Bush then vote for the other guy. If you like the mess we have in our economy with deregulation and a free market and what has happened in Iraq then vote for the other guy.

Mark Udall is my pick for United States Senator. I have known Mark personally for many years and you will never find a better man. His opponent has painted Mark as being scary but he is not. He has been a great Colorado State Representative, United States Congressman and will be a wonderful United States Senator.

I do not like either candidate to replace Mark so I will toss that one to you.

Dan Gibbs replaced me at the Colorado House of Representatives and he was appointed to replace Joan Fitzgerald when she resigned. I am voting for Dan. He has a great background working in Washington D.C. and has been very effective at the legislature. His opponent has no experience as an elected official or in government.

Christine Scanlan hit the ground running when she replaced Dan at the State House of Representatives. I have known her for a very long time and we are truly blessed to have her represent us in Denver. She is one of the hardest working people I know. Her opponent is living in fairyland. He has more money than good sense. His proposals all sound nice but he has yet to realize that we have already tried everything he is proposing. We had a statewide election on the monorail and it failed and only passed in a couple of counties. There is not enough money on this planet to take care of the pine beetle problem and there are literally hundreds of people working today to solve the issue.

Karn Stiegelmeier is my pick for County Commissioner in District three. I have known and worked with her for many years and she is an excellent fit for Summit County. She truly has the hearts and minds of our citizens as she considers the future of our wonderful county. I do not know anyone who loves this place more than she does.

Thomas Davidson is the best person for County Commissioner in District two. I have worked with him for many, many years and there is no one in this county who understands land use and social issues better than Thomas.

On Question 1A for Summit County I am voting against the question. I feel the question is very poorly worded and too open ended. I would like to see the commissioners sharpen their pencils and come back with a better proposal. I support the Open Space part of the question but it gets very iffy after that. Why not have an Open Space question that will pass with flying colors and then another question about the other issues?

On the ballot questions I would ask that you look them up. I am only going to refer to the number and my pick. I am against the Union Bills and a couple of the “Let’s Add More Stupid Stuff” to our constitution questions. Amendment 46 No, Amendment 47 Yes, Amendment 48 No, Amendment 49 Yes, Amendment 50 No, Amendment 51, yes, Amendment 52, No, Amendment 53 (Pulled), Amendment 54, No, Amendment 55 (Pulled), Amendment 56, (Pulled), Amendment 57, (Pulled), Amendment 58, Yes, Amendment 59, Yes, Referendum L, Yes, Referendum M, Yes, Referendum N, Yes, Referendum O, Yes.

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