Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 17, 2008—Believe in Something

Consider This for November 17, 2008—Believe in Something

“If you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything.” In the two weeks since the election I keep hearing how people now do not believe in their leaders and everyone is pointing fingers at their fellow party members and blaming them for the loss.

Let’s face it folks. George W. Bush did everything he could in the past eight years to make sure that a Democrat would succeed him. One poll this week said that President Bush has a 90% rating as the worst president in history. Yet the brain trust of the Republican Party wants to blame Sarah Palin and her wardrobe for losing the election.

Come on folks. You can do better than that.

The disaster was so great that nearly everyone who was running for any office from President to dog catcher as a Republican lost big time. It was a very big brush that painted all Republicans as the party led by the most dysfunctional president ever.

This week even President Bush was whining about how sorry he was that he said certain things during his term as President. At the top of his list was the famous “Mission Accomplished” speech on the aircraft carrier where he declared the Iraq War over about five years ago. You remember. The war that is still going on in Iraq. The one that was also ended by the surge. It does not track George.

Yes, I am a flaming liberal. Every family needs one along with a grumpy old Conservative or two. I would prefer if we never had another war ever in the rest of history. Or at least not another preemptive war that has killed over 4000 of our children and was based on lies and more lies.

I find it interesting that the far right wing Conservative commentators never refer to themselves in that way. They hide behind lengthy platitudes exclaiming how there is nothing wrong and that the Emperor’s new clothes look great.

Fox news is a good example. They still refuse to believe that the Democrats won the election. They refuse to accept it to the point that they were the first news organization to exclaim all of the negative stories about Sarah Palin on the campaign trail.

This may sound strange to some of you but I thought that Sarah Palin was the only bright light in the Republican campaign. It might have been that I support women in high places. They have been put down by the good old boys for too long. Women are the black race of the 21st Century and are discriminated against daily in the workplace and at home. What a shame. Shame on Fox News and shame on those who spent an inordinate amount of time and money attacking Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin was about ten times better than John McCain and a hundred times better than George Bush. We need to encourage all of the Sarah Palin’s of the world to try to achieve a higher place in our society.

If you don’t agree with Sarah because of her politics then vote against her. If you don’t think that a woman should be vice president or president then shame on you. It is the same as people not voting for Obama because he is black. A person’s skin color or gender is not a reason to vote against or for someone.

I have heard Obama giving high praise to Ronald Reagan for his insight into the future and the economy as well as world politics.

You should stop being afraid of things that go bump in the night. The noised have always been there and will be there long after you have died and finished ranting about things that will never happen.

The point is that each of us must recognize the core values that we hold about politics, candidates and political parties. Once you have discovered these three things you will have a strong sense of what you believe in and what you expect from candidates.

If you are voting for President or dog catcher take what you believe to the polls and vote your heart. Each time you do this you will be making our country stronger.

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