Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 25, 2008—Football for all it is worth

Consider This for November 25, 2008—Football for all it is worth

I am not a football fan but I am a fan of the people of Summit County.

The Summit Daily News Editorial Board is batting 1000 lately with their picks and opinions. They were wrong about the election and now they are wrong about the football field. Maybe the editor should just write editorials and not have editorial opinion shaped by a committee. Remember the thing about the decisions of committees? Something about a Camel being a horse designed by a committee.

I played football at Rockwell City Junior High School (Iowa) in the early 1950s and later for one year during my sophomore year at Rockwell City High School. I caught a hail Mary catch thrown by quarterback Ben Segar and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I remember that we lost that game as well as every game that season. I think that also carried on to High School but I could only be blamed for one year of that record.

I was miserable when I was in training and playing football. I actually acquired a major dislike for football and all sports during that time. The only other major bad experience in my life was Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in June and July of 1960. I also decided at that point that I hated the military as much as I hated football.

To make this even more confusing I am a former High School Women’s Soccer Coach. I coached Women’s Soccer for a team from Wheat Ridge High School in the early 1970s. One of my players even went on to become a nationally ranked Woman’s Soccer player and coached Women’s Soccer at the college level here in Colorado.

Football at Summit High School was started many years ago by two local men. Al Witt and Fred Handy. Al worked for me as a Patrol Sergeant at the Sheriff’s Office and Fred Handy owned and operated the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Frisco. When they came up with the idea that Summit County needed a football team they were almost run out of town by the supporters of soccer. Fred and Al persevered and now we have a football team. Many others worked hard on the program including Tom Dickey and some other coaches.

I teach Sociology and in my class the students learn the importance of many different factors in a community or culture. Education is one factor and local school sports are a part of that. People are the glue that holds a community together. Any and everything that causes people to come together is a good thing for the community.

We have always had our Summer Softball Leagues. I remember the playing field at High Tor (Tiger Road and Highway 9) where you could break something on the rocks if you did not run or slide correctly.

The county and the Town of Breckenridge saw the value of the softball leagues and have invested a lot of time and money into playing fields. The county and the town both understand how the people are the glue and anything that brings the people together is a good thing. A couple of other examples are the Dillon Amphitheater, the Silverthorne Pavilion and the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge.

There should never be any discussion about whether or not we should have a new artificial playing field at the high school. There should never be any discussion about whether or not we pay for the costs. We should do it regardless if we give a damn about this wonderful place.

I live in one of the closest houses to the football field and when I can hear the screams of the crowd and when I can see the bright lights in the sky during a game I know that our community is safe and sound. The glue that holds Summit County together is still in place and is strong.

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