Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Fox and the Hound

Summit County, Colorado Independent

The Fox and the Hound

My son Matt's six year old Boxer/Pit Bull mix Reina has been living with me for the past couple of months. Matt lives in a studio apartment at 9th and Sherman in downtown Denver and Reina does not get any opportunity to look out at the grass and trees or to bark at any other animals from a high rise apartment building.

This morning Reina was going nuts around 5 am at something across the street. It was just starting to get light and all I could see were shadows. Finally I saw about seven Fox chasing each other around a lone pine tree in the neighbor's back yard. Reina barked and I watched for about fifteen minutes while they played in the snow and the minus zero weather.

That alone is worth having Reina stay with me for a while. g

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