Saturday, January 31, 2009

On The Other Hand He Could Do Nothing

Summit County, Colorado

On The Other Hand He Could Do Nothing

I first became a public servant in May of 1960 when I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I left public service in January 2007 when my three years as a Colorado State Representative ended. That is nearly 47 years of being on the public dole.

One thing I found out in all that time was if you did anything at all you would get in trouble. People who work hard in the government are castigated by the others who are not as ambitious. You can cruise through your entire career by hiding and not making decisions or you can stick your head up above the fray and get shot at on a daily basis. I am proud of the fact that I got shot at a lot and truly made a difference in my 47 years.

President Obama has hit the ground running and in the past few days he has made some very dramatic decisions that will set the tone for his legacy. And now he is being attacked big time.

The latest is his negative comments about the Wall Street Bonus system. The insiders are saying that the bonuses are based on how great a job the manager did in the previous year. Well, they did not do a great job so why are they getting a bonus? They are saying that it is part of the system of compensation. Why don't we say it is criminal and they should go to prison if they accept taxpayer money as a bonus for screwing up the economy.

One idiot on TV last night said the real responsibility is with the people. The people let the economy go to hell. I think it was because we were following the Judas Goat. (Wall Street) g

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