Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Summit County, Colorado Spring

Summit County, Colorado Independent

Summit County Spring

Normally this time of the year the winter kind of wears me down and I start complaining about being cold and being tired of shoveling snow. Not this year. I guess global warming has finally come to the Colorado high country. It has been extraordinarily warm for the past week. It has been in the 60s and 70s in Denver. Not exactly Stock Show Weather when it is normally -20 degrees and it goes straight to the bone. This past week has been shorts and t shirt weather in Denver and the parks have been full of people enjoying the sun.

Here in Summit County it has not been as warm but it has been very pleasant. Light coats are in style and the only weather related event are the many puddles in the street from the melting snow.

We have to keep in mind that March is the biggest month for snowfall so our ski industry does not have to pack up for the season. I do remember back before snowmaking that the ski areas would close in January if there was no snow. Not this year I hope. g

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