Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wildlife Surrounds Us

Summit County, Colorado Independent

Wildlife Surrounds Us

We have Elk, Deer, Bear, Coyote, Fox, Voles and probably a lot of unknown species living near our homes.

I have always thought that we were living in their habitat and it was our job to get along with them rather than for us to chase them off or kill them to improve our life.

There have been reports recently about Mountain Lions and Coyotes in the heavily populated areas in and around Denver. One report from Broomfield said that a woman walking her dog was attacked by a coyote. Was the woman intruding in the territory of the Coyote or was the Coyote in the woman's territory? I would like to think of it from the aspect of who came first. The Coyote or the woman. I think the Coyote would win that court case.

As I sit in my warm home this morning looking out at the never ending snow I am reminded that all of the animals listed above are having to fend for themselves in this weather. Granted they are probably well fed and warm in their den or shelter in the nearby woods but I should be thankful for the animals rather than expect the animals to be thankful for me. g

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