Sunday, February 8, 2009

All The News That Is

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

All The News That Is

This morning is like deja vu all over again.

Hugo Chavez apparently has a slight majority in favor of removing term limits for him and all elected officials is Venezuela. I have always liked term limits. It keeps people like Hugo Chavez from having an office for life. Works at the state and local level too. Colorado even passed a law putting term limits on the US House and Senate but the US Supreme Court overruled it saying that states can't tell the Federal Government what to do. Can we expect the opposite and require the Federal Government not to tell states what to do. Of course not. That would be fair and we can't have fair.

A local letter writer this morning said that he had decided that the Obama honeymoon was over and it was time to attack. Short honeymoon I guess. I am sure that Hugo Chavez would say the honeymoon is over too.

Greenwood Village has banned coyotes and they can now be shot on sight. I beg the question as to who was there first? I think the coyotes trump the millionaires. I guess the millionaires would say the honeymoon is over. I would bet that Hugo Chavez would shoot the coyotes too.

I got an e mail this morning from someone in Argentina asking if I would be interested in buying their house in Patagonia for a mere $4 million. I wrote back and told him to contact Hugo Chavez because I would bet that he has $4 million. g

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