Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Day In Paradise

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Another Day In Paradise

I got off work at the Summit Community Care Clinic at 1 pm today just about the time a huge blizzard roared through the county. I had zero visibility at the curves by Lake Dillon 1/2 mile north of my house. We have a new road there and I am not that familiar with where it goes from two lanes to four lanes especially when I can't see anything in the first place. That is where Tom Hart almost died a couple of years ago. A car veered into his lane and did a head on with Tom. He is OK now. I told him that I think of him twice a day each time I drive by his former accident scene. He credits his life to Jeff Berino a Lake Dillon Assistant Fire Chief who was in the car right behind him. I hope that Jeff follows me around every where I go.

By the way one hour later the sun was out and the temperature was over forty. Springtime in the Rockies. Another Day In Paradise. g

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