Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Got A Call Today From A Headhunter

Summit County, Colorado

I Got A Call Today From A Headhunter

The phone rang and a perfectly delightful young lady began to bubble effervescently over the phone. She was asking me if I had any jobs open. She was a headhunter with lots of heads to place.

She really knew what she was doing. In a matter of minutes she had extracted names and phone numbers from me of potential employers for her heads. Heads that she had hunted and now had no place to put the heads.

Imagine some anthropologist reading this one hundred years from now and getting very confused about a woman on the phone trying to place heads. Her heads. Heads that needed jobs.

If my head was on the market I would want her to be working on my behalf. My head would not go without a job for very long with her on the job. g

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