Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Gets Stranger and Stranger

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom gary@garylindstrom.com

It Just Get Stranger and Stranger

This morning I was listening to some commentaries by financial folks from New York on the economy. One thing that came up was that there were six Democrats in the House that voted against the stimulus package. Some did it because it was too expensive and others did it because Obama changed the plan to include tax cuts and remove job creation to get Republican support. Of course even with those changes there was no Republican support. The issue was that since Reagan tax cuts were used to try to boost the economy and it has never worked. The tax cuts went to the wealthy and the poor worker bees lost in that deal.

We need to create jobs and not create tax cuts. We need to build things to create jobs. We need to get the money to the people and not the executives. Even the transportation peice was cut in favor of the incentives to the Republicans by giving them tax cuts.

Never trust a Republican but never take your eyes off a Demcrat who thinks that he can convince Republicans to do something for tax cuts. It ain't happening. g

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