Friday, February 6, 2009

Jobs, Education and Health care

Summit County, Colorado

Jobs, Education and Health care

I can hardly read the news or watch TV the past couple of days. Once again our elected officials have missed the point.

To stimulate the economy we need to spend money on three things and three things only. Jobs, Education and Health care must be the priorities.

It is not about transportation or banking or bonuses. It is about people.

What is so hard about this?

If it is a new tax or a new fee then that takes money out of the pocket of the people.

Let's enhance the economy by providing Jobs, Education and Health care. That is an investment in the future. All three will have a short term and long term impact on our economy.

Examine everything that is being considered or proposed. If it does not directly have a positive impact on the individual then it is not a good thing. Plain and simple?

There will be a test at the next election. g

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