Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let's Blame George Washington

Summit County, Colorado

Gary Lindstrom

Let's Blame George Washington

President Barack Obama has been in office a little over two weeks and he is being blamed for every bad thing that has happened in history.

The Republicans are blaming the Democrats and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans.

God save the President.

I teach American History, American Government and Political Science at the college level and have for the past 38 years. Anyone who blames a President who has been in office for a little over two weeks for anything is just plain stupid regardless of their political party.

Economists are now saying that Ronald Reagan deregulating the banking industry is really at blame for the current mess. They say that his adhearance to a strict free market philosophy has now come home to roost.

When Bill Clinton was President we had the very best economy ever in the history of the country. Our national debt went way down and the deficit was managable.

When George W. was president we reached new highs in the debt and deficit. He took office to the best economy ever and left it in shambles.

Ronald Reagan had eight years to screw it up. Bill Clinton had eight years to straighten it out. George W. had eight years to put in in the worst shape ever.

And now the whackos of the world want to blame Obama for screwing it up in a little over two weeks. Shame on the whackos.

I keep thinking about the bumper sticker that says, "When Clinton Lied No One Died." Bill Clinton had sex in the White House and lied about it to the people. Shame on him. George Bush lied about weapons of mass distruction and over 4000 (and counting) American boys and girls have died. Shame on him.

I told my World History class this week about people believing that when we pulled out of Viet Nam in 1975 that Viet Nam and the world would go to hell. The day after we pulled out it was business as usual and today Viet Nam is one of the strongest economies in the world. When we pulled out the war stopped. When we pulled out the economy got better. When we stopped screwing with things everything improve.

Why can't we start learning from history? We should not blame Obama any more than we should blame George Washington. g

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