Saturday, February 14, 2009

Standing By The Mailbox

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope that you have someone near and dear to give a hug to and a big wet, sloppy kiss also.

I really enjoy National Public Radio. We have three or four stations here in Colorado and I can listen to all of them either over the air or off the local translator through Summit Public Radio. I call it radio for the mind. I can also get three Public Radio Stations over my XM Satellite Radio. One is a new one since they merged with Sirius and it is called simply NPR. The other one is XM Public Radio where Bob Edwards works and it is mostly WNYC from New York City but they also carry WNBR from Boston and another one from Santa Monica in California. Isn't it nice to live in the digital age?

When I moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1974 we only had one radio station here. KLGT in Breckenridge operated by Robin Theobald. I even worked for that station selling advertising in May of 1976. Rumor has it that LGT stood for Lois G. Theobald the mother of Robin. That station has changed hands many times and is now KSMT, Mountain Radio. We even have our own over the air public radio now in Dillon. I never listen to any of the local stations anymore. Most do not have any news and I am a new addict.

Speaking of news the stimulus package passed congress and how is on the desk of President Obama. I might go out to the mailbox around noon and wait for the mail lady (oxymoron?) to see if my check is there. If not I can take tomorrow off but can be there bright and early on Monday to wait again for my share of the nearly $800 Billion. That is $800,000,000,000. Lots of zeros. Hope that it is not a lot of zeros for our economy.

I spent the entire week teaching my three classes, World History, Sociology II and American Government how we are now printing money to give away so that they can all pay for it for the rest of their life. I am not sure if they wanted to believe me. I am not sure that I wanted to believe me. g

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