Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Face In The Mirror

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

The Face In The Mirror

I first became an elected official in 1977 as a Blue River, Colorado Town Council member. I ended my political career voluntarily in January of 2007. Sounds like thirty years to me. Way too long for a person like me who believes in term limits. Relatives, fish and politicians all smell bad after three days.

One thing that was told to me over and over again during my thirty years in office is who to please. First you please the face in the mirror, yourself. They you please the people who sent you to office, your constituents. And third you please your political party.

I think that a lot of confusion arises from who your constituents are. As a town council member it is the people in the town. As county coroner it is all of the people in the county. As county commissioner the same is true. As state representative or senator it is the people from your district. Not the people from the other districts. You do not have a higher calling. The governor United States Senator and the others holding statewide office have a higher calling.

Politicians who are least effective are those who are not focused on who sent her or him there. g

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